Connect Prinzen OvoGrader to Hatchtrack

Connect Prinzen Ovograder to Hatchtrack

Communication with Prinzen Ovograder

Many of our customers are connecting our systems to their machines. In the hatchery market there are many different types of machines, such as transfer, candling, vaccination and chick counters which are all connectable to Hatchtrack.

Recently, Hatchtrack built a new communication with the Prinzen Ovograder. At our customer, this machine is being installed to grade eggs from uncontracted farms. All eggs below a specific weight are being taken out and will not go further in the hatchery. With help of Hatchtrack, all grading results will be captured per batch automatically.

Before grading, the specific farm label can be scanned to the OvoGrader and the machine starts grading. Batch information is visually shown at the grading machine so that the operator can easily see which supplier is active on the OvoGrader. When grading is done, the batch can be closed or a new farm label can be scanned to the grader and all grading results will be imported into Hatchtrack automatically. All grading results can be shown in a Hatchtrack report or can be sent to an ERP system. This information can be used for various things, such as invoicing or to improve egg quality of the supplier.

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