Hatchtrack chicken industry


Hatchtrack. Complete egg-to-chick traceability with barcoding technology.

Record and report on every event in the hatchery journey with minimal data entry.

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Full traceability hatchery

Ensuring full traceability from farm to consumer

Transparency and traceability of food, including hatching eggs and chicks, have become vital in recent years. Making food traceable from farm to retail to consumers’ kitchens is mandatory under European Food Law. Hatchtrack ensures you can meet these requirements.

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Unique barcode hatchery

Unique barcode scanned at the farm

The egg producer places labels with unique barcodes on every pallet or trolley of hatching eggs. The driver collecting the hatching eggs scans this barcode with a handheld scanner during loading or whilst unloading at the hatchery.

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Results collected in Candling Machine

Results collected from candling machine

In the hatchery, each batch of hatching eggs is candled on fertility. Clear eggs are removed with a candling machine.
Hatchtrack software can gather, group and report these candling results for each specific batch.

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Hatchery software

Maintaining traceability with Hatchtrack software

As part of the Hatchtrack solution, dollies with hatched chicks are given unique barcodes. These barcodes are stored in the Hatchtrack database along with source and destination data.


Hatchery two direction traceability

Bidirectional: tracing back, tracking forward

The retail outlet buying chicks can check from which farm chicks originate. The hatchery knows to which poultry farm other chicks and eggs from the same source and with the same date of lay have been sent.

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Hatchtrack is developed in hatchery

Connection with other locations or ERP-systems

Hatchtrack data can be connected with other locations and to any existing customer ERP system. It will provide you with all information needed.

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