HatchTrack Solution



Traceability, stock control and labeling

Hatchtrack is a modular solution. Various modules can be implemented at once or in several stages. Usually, Hatchtrack is implemented in three phases: Before Candling, During Candling and After Candling. Each phase has its own specific requirements. Which module to start with when implementing Hatchtrack? That depends on which benefits you want to realize first.

  • Stock control of hatching eggs
  • Automated traceability of eggs through the hatchery
  • Labeling of chick boxes when and where required
  • No more data entry mistakes at the candling machine
  • Saving time collecting candling results
  • Connecting ERP systems with the hatchery work floor
  • Improving hatching planning

Solution HatchTrack


  • Automated traceability
  • Live stock management for hatching eggs
  • No more manual entry of data means less room for human error
  • Brood results for each batch of eggs are obtained automatically and can be fed back to the farmer. As a result, potential improvements can be identified
  • Viewing results are available for each pre-hatch room and each position in the pre-hatch rooms. This can be used to find in which location and which pre-incubation room the best results are obtained, and to identify possible issues
  • Breeding results are available for each breeding room and position in the breeding room. This can be used to find out in which location and in which hatchery the best results will be obtained, and to identify possible issues.
  • Data can be synchronized with customers’ existing ERP systems.


Hatchtrack is capable of communicating with, but not limited to:

Pas Reform Smart Center Pro 2